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  1. Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs are oval, wingless small insects with a flat body. They normally cling on to your clothes, luggage, furniture or bedding and there by enter into households. An early detection is critical to prevent a larger infestation. Hygeia’s professional expertise in bedbug management offers consistent solution and friendly informative technical advices to exclude your bedbug issues.  Read More >>

  1. Crawling Insects Control

Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Fleas, Spiders, Lizards.... We exterminate them with eco-friendly non-chemical & chemical methods to protect your home and business.  Read More >>

  1. FlyControl

Flies are not only nuisance pests, but many are also responsible for disease transmission. Our specialized Flying Insect Control Program (FICP) will eliminate all fly problems using a variety of control measures including broadcasting insecticides at the breeding areas, spot treatment and space treatment.  Read More >>

  1. Rodent Control

Rodents are potential threat to our health and property. Our qualified exterminators do rodent control with an emphasis on the safety of pets, children and other non-targeted organisms. Latest technology and effective management practices are our weapons against rodents.

  1. Ant Control

Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. Their bite is immensely painful and can leave a red welt on your skin for days. It can be even fatal where some people are allergic to ant bites. Our treatment for ant control is unsurpassed. We will locate, identify, and determine the best method for your particular situation.  Read More >>

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